Class ChartUtils

  extended by Utils.ChartUtils

public class ChartUtils
extends java.lang.Object

Holds all the necessary funtionality for creatin the graphs. Gnuplot is used . Files with needed values and Gnuplot scripts are created and saved so that they could be run manually at will. Gnuplot must already be installed on the system

Ioannis Kakavas, Spyridon Dossis

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void createControlChart(Router r)
          Creates a control chart for the router.
static void createDistributionGraph(Router r)
          Creates a distribution graph for the router.
static void createMinMaxCurve(java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String,java.lang.Double[]> minmax, java.lang.Double maxload)
          Creates the MinMax Curve for all the routers' loads.
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Constructor Detail


public ChartUtils()
Method Detail


public static void createControlChart(Router r)
Creates a control chart for the router. A file holding the load values, and a gnuplot script are created. Then gnuplot is called and chart saved as a .png image

r - Router Object


public static void createDistributionGraph(Router r)
Creates a distribution graph for the router. Load values are parsed and categorized in bins of values and results are saved to file. A gnuplot script is created and saved and gnuplot is then called to create the graph and save it to a .png file.

r - Router object


public static void createMinMaxCurve(java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String,java.lang.Double[]> minmax,
                                     java.lang.Double maxload)
Creates the MinMax Curve for all the routers' loads. Min and max values of load are needed to define the area of the graph for gnuplot

minmax - The minimum value of load we got for all routers
maxload - The maximum value of load we got from all routers.